At Ayadi we offer a range of spa-quality home massage services for residential customers based in London. Our mobile massage therapists have many years of experience in providing home massage services and are certified to the highest levels.

Our goal is to bring you an ultimate relaxing massage service without you needing to leave the comfort of your home.



Are you looking for a spa quality luxury home massage service in London? Look no further!

Ayadi and their therapists are experts in the Wellness Industry and have over 25 years expertise in providing luxury massage services and now wish to provide that expertise directly to residential customers based in London. Our expert massage therapists will visit you at a suitable time in your home and deliver a 5 star massage service experience which you will not want to stop.

All you need to do is simply book a home massage online and we provide everything else, the equipment, the experienced massage therapist, and depending on your package, the ambiance and premium massage products directly to your door.


Deep tissue massage at home offers a range of physical and psychological benefits. Unlike other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage can help treat muscle pain and improve stiffness. However, it also helps to relax psychologically.

The mobile massage therapist will apply constant pressure using slow, deep strokes that target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissue.

It can also support quick healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage are two different types of massage therapy. Both use the same strokes, but they have a different purpose and differ significantly in the strength of the pressure.


Our home service of Swedish massage is based on manipulating muscles and joints to relieve tension and pain. This is achieved by relaxing tight muscles and stimulating blood circulation.

The mobile massage therapist will deliver gentle, long, kneading strokes and light, rhythmic strokes on the superficial layers of muscles.
If you choose Swedish mobile massage, it can help relieve symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety. Some of the symptoms that can be addressed with massage therapy include, back pain, headaches, muscle problems and other chronic pain.

Swedish massage can also be good for heart function. The massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues of the body (muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels) and uses strokes that target the heart function to improve circulation.


Thai mobile massage is a form of therapeutic touch and differs from traditional massage in many ways. Instead of lying on a massage bed, you lie on a mat on the floor while the mobile therapist manipulates your body in a way that stimulates your organs and improves flexibility. (You can also choose this treatment on a massage bed).

Thai massages are sometimes referred to as yoga support and aim to improve the flow of energy throughout the body. It works with the energy channels of the body, which are also referred as Sen.

Massage uses stretching, pulling and rocking techniques to release tension, promote relaxation, increase flexibility and improve circulation.

Thai massage at home has many health benefits and can assist in reducing back pain and improve joint function if you experience pain and stiffness during exercise.

One of the most appealing aspects of massage therapy is the sense of calm and relaxation it can bring. Many people report that they feel not only rested but also rejuvenated after a Thai massage session.


Reflexology is a type of massage in which the feet, hands and ears are subjected to different pressures. The concept is based on the theory that there are meridian points on the feet that correspond with various organs and systems of the body. People who practice this technique are called reflexologists.

Reflexology is based on the ancient Chinese belief in “qi”, or “life energy”. According to this belief, “qi” flows through every person. When a person is under stress, their body blocks the “qi”.

This causes an imbalance in the body and can lead to illness. The aim of reflexology is to regulate the flow of “qi” so that the body remains in balance and can assist in the prevention of disease.

Reflexology, like any mobile massage, can be used as a valuable complementary therapy to reduce stress symptoms and improve quality of life.


Our mobile pregnancy massage is a gentle, soothing massage specifically designed for mums-to-be.

Every pregnancy is different, but as the baby grows, changes in the body often cause discomfort.

Our trained and professional mobile massage therapists will provide you with a personalised and unique pregnancy massage in the comfort of your home. The therapist will assist you in reliving tension and pain you may be experiencing and promote deep relaxation to help you cope, sustain and provide support during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage not only helps to relieve pregnancy symptoms, but also provides benefits for mums-to-be in relation to skin hydration, improved sleep and reduced swelling.

It should be noted that essential/aromatic oils are not recommended for pregnancy massage due to the high concentrated content.


Aromatherapy is a specific type of therapy that incorporates the use of scented essential oils into a massage. During the massage, gentle and intense pressure is applied alternately with a special blend of essential oils.

The essential oils are used along with lotions during the massage, and are not only used in direct contact with the client’s body, but also have a therapeutic effect through inhalation. Aromatherapy massage has a soothing and relaxing effect not only on the whole body, but also on the mind.

The main benefits of aromatherapy massage are the relief of stress and anxiety, as well as the reduction of muscle tension and pain. It can also help in the reduction of symptoms of depression, control inflammation and can relieve headaches. It should be noted that aromatherapy massage is not recommended for pregnant women.


Shiatsu massage is an alternative technique that attempts to relieve tension and pain by applying pressure to points on the body with the hands.

Like most oriental massage styles, Shiatsu massage should be performed in soft, comfortable clothing. Traditionally this massage is performed on a thick, soft floor mat. (You can also choose to have the treatment on a massage bed).

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing method that uses the thumbs, fingers, elbows and knees to apply pressure to the energy channels in the body, known as meridians. This massage, also known as acupressure, relieves muscle tension and fatigue and improves the body’s circulation and lymphatic system. Shiatsu also uses assisted stretching techniques which can assist with rebuilding muscle and bone structure.

Shiatsu mobile massage improves overall health by affecting the body’s energy system. This treatment can often lead to increased range of motion and improved coordination. It also reduces stress, treats pain and illness and improves the patient’s overall health and well-being.


Luxury High-end Massage Services


All of our Ayadi Therapist have experience of the 5-star luxury massage sector and have gained vast knowledge within the wellness industry. This knowledge and experience will benefit Ayadi clientele through massage services provider.

Experienced Massage Therapists


Ayadi therapists are categorised based of their level of expertise, knowledge and experience and are only utilised within various massage packages offered (gold, platinum, diamond) where their expertise qualified (i.e. gold therapist cannot be used for diamond packages as their expertise does not qualified them to do so)

5-star Massage Treatments at your Home


Ayadi delivers a 5-star massage therapy experience directly to your home. In our platinum and Diamond service packages the products are luxury high end, eco-friendly, organic and vegan based oils/creams. We endeavour to create the 5-star ambience within your home at a very competitive price.


Listed below are some of the common massage therapy questions and answers. If you cannot find a answer to your question then simply book a free consultation today.

Do you provide home massage services for London customers?
Yes, our expert massage therapists will arrive at your home at the agreed time within the London Area (Zones 1 to 5), with everything required to provide you with a 5 Star Massage Treatment.
Do you provide free massage consultations?
We provide assistance for clients to suitably choose a massage treatment for their requested needs. This assistance is free but is not medically based. If clients have special or specific medical issues they are concerned about they should seek this advice from their own medical consultants.
Are your massage therapists trained?
All of our therapists are qualified, trained, and vetted by the business owners and then they are categorised by Ayadi, based on their skillsets, to provide its advertised massage services (Gold, Platinum & Diamond) to clients. They are regularly monitored and feedback is requested on each therapy provided from the clients. Ayadi prides itself on the quality of its massage therapists and the services they provide. Depending on the standard of package a client chooses, they will receive a massage therapist specially selected in terms of experience and skills to provide this service.
Can I book a massage online?
Yes you can, and our simple and straight forward booking service (see booking button on page 1) allows you to do so without to much requirements.
How do I pay for a massage service?
You can pay by card, bank transfer or via stripe and our booking service clearly outlines the choice available to you.
Do you offer home massage services on weekends?
We provide massages and therapies on a 7 day service, Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 9 pm.
Can you advise me on the best massage therapies?
Yes massage information can be requested and provided on all therapies that are on offer. We encourage clients to read the individual therapy descriptions which we provide on this web site about the various options we offer but are available to offer assistence where required. Our therapists, especially those at the higher levels, are highly skilled and knowledgeable and will be able to assist you in choosing your individual treatment.
Do you bring all the massage equipment?
Yes, all required equipment for your luxury massage therapy is provided by your expert therapist. Additional equipment, ambiance and product offerings are available through the higher massage packages on offer, and again all are provided to you by our therapist.
Do you use high quality ECO friendly massage products?
Ayadi endeavours to only use eco-friendly products in all of our massages. In our platinum and diamond package offerings, we only use the very best of products available to us and partner with expert product providers Moss of the Isles, who are totally eco-friendly, handcrafted, organic, vegan and cruelty free.